Our training group has developed a varied range of training courses, aimed at meeting the different needs of our clients. The analysis of training requirements is an integral part of this service to ensure that the courses are appropriate to achieve the objective that is intended, also facilitating to our clients, a short-term ROI, in the form of improving their image increase the performance and effectiveness of their employees, in the performance of the functions for which they receive training.
Product training:

  • Focused on the performance and operability of telecommunications systems
  • Aimed at improving efficiency in the use of communications systems and thus fostering a better corporate image
  • Aimed at improving technical capacity in the use and support of telecommunications systems
  • Aimed at improving employee management knowledge, thus expanding their satisfaction in the development of their mission and thus adding value to their contribution to the organization

In short, to customer system management personnel. Customers with their own maintenance personnel and users and operators in the use of telephone terminals and consoles.
In addition to the aforementioned courses, we can develop others tailored to suit the individual and practical needs of your organization.

  • Which customers is this service aimed at?

This service is aimed at:
» Customers, with isolated systems or with multiple networked systems
» Operators

  • Where can these courses be taught?

Depending on the type of training contracted, they may be taught in:
» In Procoser SL Communications units
» In the customer’s own units, thus saving employee time

  • Requirements

Have course attendees have the right profile. In some cases, prior approval by Procoser Comunicaciones SL will be required, which ensures that the staff receiving a particular training have the basic basic knowledge necessary to obtain a good performance.