This service makes available to customers through a remote connection, the possibility to manage their computers as efficiently, quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

  • Scope of service

The tasks to be performed are basically being able to perform all the management tasks that the system allows, such as system configurations, profile changes, remote monitoring, traffic load, charging reports etc. Security aspects are guaranteed by the procedure used (access keyword) and by the registration of the intervention that is generated when accessing the system.

  • Which customers is this service aimed at?

This service is aimed at customers who do not have their own management systems, my staff dedicated to their administration and who need a continuous adaptation of their systems to the dynamics of their company and who want to guarantee a fast and effective service.

  • Where is this service available?

Since this is a service that is provided remotely, you can access any client even from outside the National Territory, provided that communications and the mode of access allow it.

  • Requirements

That the systems to be managed are in remote mode and are conveniently equipped for this function. If it is necessary to equip the system with a specific modem and SW, the acquisition and installation costs will be reflected in the offer.
For customers who make a large number of SW modifications, it is recommended to sign a telemanagement contract that covers all those jobs.